T&K Roofing & Sheet Metal Safety Program

Safety Program

At T&K Roofing and Sheet Metal Company everything starts with safety.

Safety for T&K employees, safety for T&K Customers, and safety for everyone around our projects.

At T&K Roofing and Sheet Metal, safety is not a program, it is a culture that embodies a deep commitment to the well being of everyone.
At T&K we believe there is no roofing and sheet metal company in the entire region that exceeds this dedication and commitment.

Pre-employment Fit Testing & Drug Testing Program
Before starting orientation each new employee completes a pre-employment drug screen and pre-employment fit testing.

New employee training/orientation
Each new employee must go through orientation and safety training before they are scheduled to start in the field on projects. The new employee orientation and safety training consists of safety information and a series of NRCA produced video’s on general industry safety guidelines.

Full-time Safety Coordinator
T&K Roofing has employed a full-time safety coordinator since 1997. Todd Hanna has an extensive background in safety and spends 90% of his days out on jobsites working with the crews to insure that safety remains a priority on every jobsite. Todd works with our production coordinator to analyze each new job to determine any special project safety issues or concerns.


Employees attending the safety training class.

Ongoing Safety Training/Safety Reward Program
Mandatory Monthly Safety Meetings for all employees.
Weekly Tool Box Talks on every job site.
Quarterly Foreman’s Training.
Daily Jobsite Safety Inspections Completed and Documented.
Safety Award Program- Don’t Gamble with Safety.
Employee’s earn money for outstanding safety achievements, this bank of money can be used to purchase prizes from a catalog of gifts.
OSHA Training.

Drug Testing Program
T&K Roofing is proud to bring a drug-free workforce to the jobsite each day.
At T&K Roofing every employee is a part of a random drug testing pool that is tested by a 3rd party administrator. We also have a drug testing policy for reasonable suspicion and post-accident testing.

Commitment at the Top
The commitment to safety starts at the top of our company and management has made a visible commitment to all aspects of safety for our employees. Members of the T&K team are encouraged to seek out options for tools or equipment to help insure safety remains a priority on every job site.

Apprenticeship Training
T&K has helped to develop an Apprenticeship program to insure that employee’s have a strong knowledge of the roofing craft and also continue to develop their safety training. This apprenticeship program is 7000 hours long and provides each employee with pride as they develop their skill & craftsmanship in the roofing and waterproofing trade.

Estimated Training Hours per employee, per year: 50-80 Hours.
Approximately $2,000-$3,000 Dollars spent on Safety per year, per employee.
70-80% of ALL T & K production employee’s carry a 10 Hour OSHA card.
100% of ALL employee’s who are employed for more than 1 year obtain OSHA 10 Hour cards.